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Golf Clash tips, Golden SHOT – NEW, HARD difficulty – 3 Shots

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Hey guys and gals,

This is my try for the golden shot. I did buy 6 shots and used 3 shots before I started to record. Im happy with the result and I do feel that we with a bit of luck would got that hio.

When you play on the Hard lvl the thing to go to is to get at least a chest.

Have you been getting a chest or two?
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Hello friends!

Do not try this at home unless you want to spend some bucks in at least 3-4 packs of six shots.

Bounces are very unpredictable. With headwind is nearly impossible to adjust topspin properly. If you have tailwind the ball will be probably too hot. With sidewind, specially from left to right, you can have a chance.

I used 3 topspin and 4.5 sidespin right and was lucky to make it.

Sorry for the lack of audio sync.

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